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On With Online Piano Lessons

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“Welcome to the wonderful world of online piano lessons”. This quote can be sincere or sarcastic, depending on which websites that you choose to explore online. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of online piano lessons and there value in learning to play the piano effectively.

Many websites argue that traditional lessons are expensive. They state that for the cheap price of their e-book or CD collection, you can have great information and practice at your own leisure, without having the pressure of a piano teacher barking at you every week to practice. This can help you avoid comments like, “I know you didn’t practice this week” or “Look who is back for a lesson. It’s turtle-brain.”

There is certainly an argument for the above. Private lessons are expensive and there is pressure to practice, which may or may not suit your lifestyle and personality.

Here are some things to consider with traditional lessons. For starters, make sure to never pick a teacher that has a habit of calling you “turtle brain”. I like turtles, but I think I prefer for a mentor to think of me as a person equipped with a “human brain”. Secondly, traditional piano lessons are expensive for a reason. Quality teachers can often teach you more in a half hour then pages and pages of a website can. Also, there is something to be said about the pressure of weekly lessons. A bit of pressure is motivational. I know many of us think that we are self-motivated. However, if this were the case, exercise clubs and gyms would be extinct. Diet plans and clinics would be a thing of the past. The truth is that many pianists thrive on a bit of pressure, thus avoiding laziness and apathy!

The big question is: Can we combine website information and online piano assistance with traditional lessons? Actually, this is not really a “big” question. It’s an “obvious” question. Of course you can! Many of my colleagues have come to embrace online information as a valuable supplement to their teachings.

When choosing either a teacher or an online piano website, you should like the personality of that teacher or website writer. If you can’t stand who you are learning from, you’ll feel the following symptoms: headache, heartache, nausea and a sense of gloom and doom. Of course, if you like feeling this way, you should seek out jaded, bitter teachers and websites that get one or two visitors every year.

Successful teachers motivate and make you feel passionate about wanting to better yourself. Teachers of quality make you remember facts based on the way they deliver their information to you. If teachers are fun to learn from, then the material you are learning tends to stick. Websites that are sincere do the same. Piano websites of quality also give you a lot of free and useful information, delivered in an accessible and motivational manner.

As a final point, the best piece of advice is to know who you are and what you want. Try to find a traditional teacher that suits your personality and that is open to occasional online supplements. Have them recommend a site to you or search on your own, remembering to look for piano sites with a lot of useful, free material presented in an attractive and accommodating way.

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