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The piano has 52 white keys

The piano has 52 white keys (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



So you’ve finally decided that it’s time to commit yourself to investigating some piano courses. You are going to pick a course and triumph! Many have tried a failed, but you are going to succeed because you are YOU. Well, I believe in you and am prepared to give you a list of some of the more popular courses available. Here they are:

1. Leila Fletcher has a series that is quite effective at gradually increasing the difficulty and level of its pieces. Knowledge is also introduced gradually, so as not to overwhelm a new student. Kids tend to take quite well to this series, found in abundance on Amazon:


2. John Thompson editions have been around for quite some time. I remember learning from them when I was a kid (centuries ago). They offer both kid and adult courses and feature charts and actual photos to illustrate how to play pieces. The fact that they’ve been popular for quite some time speaks for itself. Here’s a link:


3. Alfred covers many bases by offering adult books as well as beginner and late beginner courses. For those interested in filling in their music theory knowledge (always a good idea), this publisher has a number of comprehensive theory books. If you are an independent learner, you can go quite far on your own with this publisher’s offerings:


4. If you are an adult reading this article, it is plausible that you are searching for a completely adult oriented piano course for yourself. The following link shows some of the wonderful books that Thompson, Alfred and Hal Leonard have to offer:


Let’s talk a little about online piano courses. I’ve created a few online courses in the form of e-book downloads. There are some students that can completely learn piano on their own from these types of courses. However, most students benefit the most from traditional piano lessons, with online courses acting as a wonderful supplement. We are lucky to live in an age where we can obtain knowledge from both traditional and online sources. This is a winning situation.

Online courses often claim that you save a lot of money by buying their courses, as the weekly traditional lessons, including the pressure to practice, are eliminated. In a perfect world this may be true. However, as mentioned before, very few people can get by without traditional lessons. The pressure of weekly lessons is actually a good thing, provided you have a fun and professional teacher. This type of mentor inspires practice and a ‘wanting to learn’ attitude, rather than a ‘practicing in fear of being scolded weekly’ scenario. Also, the money spent on weekly lessons gives you instant answers to questions that arise during the week. A picture is certainly worth a thousand words and a demonstration from an expert piano teacher in invaluable.

In conclusion, hardcopy and online piano courses should be embraced. Having these types of materials in your possession enhances traditional piano lessons. Happy learning!

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