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What are piano resources? Is this a measure of how resourceful pianos are, for example, in life threatening situations? Is this an indication of how well pianos think in high pressure situations? In this article, the term explores information that can help you to better determine the history and different brands associated with the instrument. This is useful if you are looking to purchase a new or used piano.

Here’s a very brief list of some of the big names in the

1. Bösendorfer  (

2. Steinway & Sons (

3. Bechstein (

4. Yamaha (

Bösendorfer and Steinway & Sons were founded in 1828 and
1853 respectively. They are spectacular pianos and have amazing reputations.
They are also amazingly expensive. Since expensive is a relative term,
determine whether you are amazingly wealthy or amazingly not so wealthy before
spending an arm and a leg on these brands. However, you get what you pay for
and these companies do produce first rate instruments.

Bechstein pianos (founded in 1856) are also awesome
instruments and you could also find yourself taking out a second mortgage if
you choose to purchase one of their spectacular new grand pianos. Baldwin and
Yamaha also produce lovely products, at a more modest price. The former was
founded in 1862, with Yamaha having produced its first piano back in 1900.

If you’re interested in a modest list of some of the
different piano sizes available, the following two links are quite useful:



Piano owners need to have their own resource list that they
build on their own. For example, if you’re buying a used piano from an auction
sale or a private owner, you’re most likely going to need a reliable piano
mover. Ask friends if they have contacts and don’t be shy to ask for references
if approaching an unfamiliar piano moving company. Word of mouth and references
should also be used when trying to find a good piano tuner or technician. These
specialists should be reasonably priced, punctual and resourceful. Again, your
best bet is to ask other piano owners who they’ve used, especially if that
owner is a trusted piano teacher.

Picking a brand of piano is both an objective and a subjective
process. Certain brands have a very good reputation and you should have some
knowledge of this. However, how a piano looks and sounds must appeal to you. After
all, this major piece of furniture is going to be in your home and filling your
living space with sound for the next few years. The last thing that you need is
an eyesore with an unattractive sound invading your house everyday for years to
come. Here’s a list of some sites that discuss various brands of pianos:




As a final thought, make sure that you measure the area that
you wish to place your piano in. The instrument should still allow room space
for chairs or a sofa, unless you specifically want just the piano in the room
(rather overpowering). The trick here is to make the size and the sound of the
piano fit into the aesthetic feel of your home (not the other way around).


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