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Purchasing Piano Sheet Music Wisely

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Are you a wise person in need of some piano sheet music? If your answer is, “Of course I’m exceedingly wise, and yes, I need some sheet music because I’m a decent human being in need of wholesome repertoire”, then read on.

It’s fairly obvious that music of most genres can be purchased at your local music store. These days, more and more retailers are offering sheet music, instruments, lessons and the kitchen sink all within one building! These types of stores typically have the greatest hits of pop and rock songs in a front of the store display case. So should you buy a single song in sheet music form or a complete book of hits?

If you absolutely need to have a single, then you should purchase it. There’s no point in denying yourself music if the piece that you really want will make you practice enthusiastically. However, a book of chart toppers is much more price-friendly, as it contains a huge amount of hits. Even if you only like a few selections within the book, you will find that the price per song is more favorable with a book purchase. 

If you’re the type of person that likes to shop online, there are some useful sites that you can visit. Downloading music is quite popular these days, as you can have the music of your dreams in a matter of seconds. This type of purchase is quite inexpensive, as you save on shipping and binding costs. However, if the seller/publisher allows you to print out and bind your purchase, make sure that you are still saving when calculating these extra costs (you usually still come out ahead). Here’s a site for downloading music:

If you’re not a “download kind of guy or girl”, then you can buy online in a more traditional way through a retailer. They will mail out a hardcopy to you and will often add a discount for the shipping and/or music on multiple purchases. A good strategy is to wait until you need a number of piano works. Buying in bulk usually means savings. Here’s a good place to shop:

Who wants free music? We all do! The problem is that free music often means crummy music. Typically, sites that offer free downloads on recent hits do not have copyright clearance, although there are exceptions. Remember that you really only want to add first rate music to your repertoire, especially if you wish to perform your music in front of an audience. If in doubt, ask a teacher or professional colleague which edition they use. There are plenty of great publishers out there.

Here’s a final thought. If you like popular music, you’re usually better off buying music that contains the melody of a song in the piano part. If the melody is not being played by your fingers then, guess what? You have to sing the actually melody from a vocal staff. Now this gets tricky, especially if your voice is not the greatest. Here’s a good test. If you sing in your house, observe whether family members scatter like frightened deer when you begin vocalizing. If they do, then you definitely should purchase music with the melody contained within the piano part! 

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